How a Tree Eats?

Answer All living things require energy to sustain themselves. While animals take in sustenance by consuming other living things, plants take their energy directly from their environment, turning nonlivin... Read More »

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What eats a dogwood tree?

The dogwood tree's most aggressive pursuer is the dogwood borer, a common insect in the Western United States and Canada. The insects, which also target other tree families, burrow beneath bark and... Read More »

What should i say if a dog eats me?

What eats impalas?

Impalas are an African antelope of medium size that humans will hunt for their meat, often with the use of hunting dogs. Other predators of the impala include the lion, the hyena, the jackal, the l... Read More »

What eats sea sponges?

Sea sponges cannot move and have no protective outer layer, so they release chemical toxins as protection against predators. These toxins do not deter all spongiverous, or sponge-eating, species. T... Read More »