How a Rain Sensor Windshield Works?

Answer A rain sensor windshield is operated by an optical sensor that monitors light reflected from part of the windshield. The sensor turns on the wipers as necessary, according to JD Power.

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How to Get Rain-X Off a Windshield?

The chemical makeup of Rain-X means it takes special steps to remove it. Rain-X is a brand name for an automobile product that repels water from glass. It leaves an invisible waterproofing that su... Read More »

How to Get Rain Spots off a Windshield?

Water spots on a nice clean windshield can be distracting to a driver and reduce visibility. The spots left behind after rain dries up are calcium carbonate, otherwise known as salt, and can easily... Read More »

Windshield Rain Treatments?

Poor visibility is one cause of automobile accidents. Rain, snow and nighttime conditions contribute to poor visibility. Windshield rain treatments not only increase visibility by up to 34 percent,... Read More »

Instructions for Rain X Windshield Wipers?

Rain-X windshield wipers are widely sold, as they fit all vehicle that use hook-style wiper arms. The wipers are sold one to a pack and are available in sizes that correspond to the blade's length ... Read More »