How a Leveraged Buyout Works?

Answer A leveraged buyout is way to acquire a company using other people's money. In a leveraged buyout, the purchaser uses the target company's assets as collateral for the loan used to purchase the targ... Read More »

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What is a leveraged lease?

A leveraged lease is an arrangement financed by someone besides the lessor or lessee--usually a creditor (see Reference 1). The lessee borrows money from the creditor who sets up a payment schedule... Read More »

How to Trade Leveraged ETFs?

Although trading a leveraged ETF is more risky than working with a traditional exchange-traded fund, the returns can be quite handsome if you are right about the direction of the market. With a lev... Read More »

What is a bankruptcy buyout?

Bankruptcy buyout refers to a type of bankruptcy which allows you to use the equity of your property to help pay off your debts. A bankruptcy buyout requires a list of your debts and a trial period... Read More »

The Laws of a Lease Buyout?

A lease buyout either refers to a specific purchase option that you have at the end of a car lease or the legal termination of a rental real estate contract. Both types of lease buyouts involve spe... Read More »