How a Fuel Pressure Regulator Works?

Answer Fresh oil is vital to ensuring the longevity of any internal-combustion engine. As oil gets older, it breaks down on a molecular level, no longer providing proper lubrication to the engine componen... Read More »

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How Do I Know If My Fuel Pressure Regulator Is Bad?

The fuel system in your car includes, among other components, a fuel pump, a rail that carries the fuel to the engine and a fuel pressure regulator. A problem with any part of the system can cause ... Read More »

What Is a Fuel Pressure Regulator?

The fuel pressure regulator controls how much fuel is injected into the engine. Ideally, the regulator will keep the fuel flow at a constant rate which is determined by the manufacturer to run the ... Read More »

How to Remove a Fuel Pressure Regulator?

In a fuel-injected engine, the fuel pressure regulator monitors the fuel coming into the intake manifold from the gas tank and makes sure it's the correct psi (pounds per square inch) for the syste... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator?

The fuel pressure regulator, an auto part that controls the pressure and flow of fuel in a vehicle, is an essential part of the fuel system. Several symptoms signify a bad fuel pressure regulator.