How Would Know If Someone HACKED into your Computer?

Answer well if someone hacked you good then you wouldnt really know it has happened unless someone wanted to just play a trick on you or cause your computer harm then you will notice it behaving in a stra... Read More »

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What do you do when someone has hacked into your computer?

First, take your computer off the internet. Unplug the phone line or network cable that goes into the computer. This stops them from accessing your machine.Then get a firewall, like someone else sa... Read More »

How am I able to tell if someone has hacked into my computer system?

Well my solution would be, if you computer acts different than before that's one reason. Some stuff for example: If you didn't have IMVU messenger, Zwinky Download, Or any other kind of download y... Read More »

How to Tell If Someone Has Hacked Into Your Wireless Internet?

If you have a wireless-enabled computer, phone or other electronic device, you likely have used another open wireless connection at some point--such as at coffee shops that offer free wireless to t... Read More »

What steps would you take if you suspected your Y!A account had been hacked into?

Run a complete security scan on your system & see if anything turns up (that could take awhile depending on your system).If that's all clear, change your p/w & add security questions.If any funky p... Read More »