How Would I Be Able To Plug My Wii Into My Computer Monitor?

Answer Yes you can do this with a converter. RCA (Or component) to VGA (or DVI) depending on what you have.

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Can we plug 2 computer towers in the same monitor?

No matter what monitor I plug into my computer, it says "No Signal"?

Hardware damage is possible. I am not sure, can u give more details about ur computer's hardware and OS. Also can u tell when u did plug in the tv for the first time was ur computer on or off?Try u... Read More »

Should I plug in monitor (monitor plug) into the graphics card (10 points!)?

You need to get a DVI to VGA adapter. You definetly need to plug it into the GeForce card. Here's a picture of the adapter you probably need:…A better i... Read More »

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