How Would I Be Able To Plug My Wii Into My Computer Monitor?

Answer Yes you can do this with a converter. RCA (Or component) to VGA (or DVI) depending on what you have.

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Should I plug in monitor (monitor plug) into the graphics card (10 points!)?

You need to get a DVI to VGA adapter. You definetly need to plug it into the GeForce card. Here's a picture of the adapter you probably need:…A better i... Read More »

No matter what monitor I plug into my computer, it says "No Signal"?

Hardware damage is possible. I am not sure, can u give more details about ur computer's hardware and OS. Also can u tell when u did plug in the tv for the first time was ur computer on or off?Try u... Read More »

How would i turn my old computer monitor into a tv?

Hi Chris, your question remind me of my old buddies old monitor that we used to use it as a TV (it is a CGA monitor --- hehehe very old eh?)back to your question, I believe you only need some stand... Read More »

Would i be able to someway hack into a verizon iphone 4 that i found and be able to use it?

You need to do a restore on the phone to erase the data on it, then no one will be able to track it, except by serial number, and only by the police if you decided to pawn it or some such stupid t... Read More »