How Turn Off Engine Light in Nissan?

Answer Nissan vehicles come equipped with an ECU, or Engine Control Unit, which is a computer that monitors all of the vehicle's functions. When you see the Check Engine light illuminate on your instrumen... Read More »

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How to Turn Off a Check Engine Light on a Nissan?

Nissan cars have become more technologically advanced in recent years. ECU (Engine Control Unit) computers are now an integral part of Nissan car design. The ECU constantly monitors and governs man... Read More »

How to Turn Off the Check Engine Light on a 1997 Nissan Altima?

The check engine light in the 1997 Nissan Altima warns the driver of a problem with his vehicle. The light can come on for several different reasons. Your car will not pass motor vehicle inspection... Read More »

How to Reset the Engine Light on a 1992 Nissan?

The 1992 Nissan is equipped with a first-generation, on-board computer with built-in diagnostics capability. Unlike later Nissans equipped with OBD-2 protocols, the 1992 Nissan does not require the... Read More »

How to Clear the Check Engine Light on a Nissan?

Starting in 1996, all Nissan vehicles (as well as those of all other manufacturers) sold in the United States were required by the Clean Air Act of 1990 to have OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) as sta... Read More »