How To film a running scene?

Answer put on tri-pod and follow the person by moving the angle of the camera, and when they are running and you film just their eye just use basic zoom out slowly as they come closer. it would take a whi... Read More »

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How to Film a Scene for a Movie?

This article will show you how to prepare to photograph a scene that may very well look professional and prepare you to become an internet star, famed for good high quality videos.

How to Analyze a Scene in a Film?

Film students and film buffs can both benefit from analyzing scenes in a film. Before doing so, watch the entire film a few times to make sure you understand it thoroughly. Then choose a scene that... Read More »

Which film has the most beautiful snow scene?

Ang Lee's The Ice Storm. The frigidity of the snow and ice perfectly reflects the sexual confusion and social disconnection felt by the characters. The film simply wouldn't be -as- effective if i... Read More »

Favourite death scene in a Scorsese film?

Thank you for the compliment, and thank you to everyone that participated!for my favorite death scene, I can't choose just one! Billy Batts would be my number 1, but he didn't even die in that scen... Read More »