How To Stop 'ialmrnt5 display driver' Failure?

Answer This is a device driver error but it can be caused by multiple issues from memory problems, outdated drivers or DirectX software, interference with other software etc. The first link is to a thread... Read More »

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My ialmrnt5 display driver stopped working properly while I was playing Sims 3.... HELP?

Sounds like your display driver Crapped out. This can happen rarely and not be a problem but if it keeps happening, Go to Control Panel/ System Settings/ Device Manager/ and under the display adapt... Read More »

I think my CPU count causes my 'display driver' to crash and 'stop responding'?

CPU load in itself shouldn't be a problem. But when a CPU or graphics processor chip is working hard it draws current more frequently. This current causes the chip to heat up. Hence, all computers ... Read More »

How to Install the Realtek HD Audio Driver Without Failure?

If you've downloaded a Realtek HD audio driver from the Internet and are having a hard time installing it, you may not have downloaded it from an official source. Audio drivers are available at man... Read More »

Display driver crashing?

May I ask how do you definetly know its not a virus? I would like to hope that your answer would be "Because I have a virus checker installed" Because if you havent then there is ALWAYS a possibili... Read More »