How To Stop 'ialmrnt5 display driver' Failure?

Answer This is a device driver error but it can be caused by multiple issues from memory problems, outdated drivers or DirectX software, interference with other software etc. The first link is to a thread... Read More »

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My ialmrnt5 display driver stopped working properly while I was playing Sims 3.... HELP?

Sounds like your display driver Crapped out. This can happen rarely and not be a problem but if it keeps happening, Go to Control Panel/ System Settings/ Device Manager/ and under the display adapt... Read More »

I think my CPU count causes my 'display driver' to crash and 'stop responding'?

CPU load in itself shouldn't be a problem. But when a CPU or graphics processor chip is working hard it draws current more frequently. This current causes the chip to heat up. Hence, all computers ... Read More »

How to Install the Realtek HD Audio Driver Without Failure?

If you've downloaded a Realtek HD audio driver from the Internet and are having a hard time installing it, you may not have downloaded it from an official source. Audio drivers are available at man... Read More »

What Is a Display Driver?

A display driver is software that tells your operating system how to control your computer's video card. All of the hardware devices in your computer use device drivers. Device drivers make it poss... Read More »