How To Seal a Car Radiator?

Answer A car radiator usually fails when it rusts and begins leaking. When this happens, you'll need to know how to seal the radiator so that you can prevent the car from overheating. This is actually muc... Read More »

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How to Seal a Cracked Radiator?

Due to the excessive extremes that a radiator goes through, they can often develop cracks in the material. Ranging from cool fluid to extremely hot, the radiator material frequently expands and con... Read More »

How to Seal Radiator Sections?

The radiator reduces the temperature of the coolant that passes through the various hoses and passages of the engine. Usually comprised of two side tanks and a bottom tank, the radiator has cooling... Read More »

How to Seal a Leaking Radiator?

Need a repaired radiator long enough to get to the shop? These handy temporary fixes will get you back on the road.

How to Repair a Radiator Cap That Does Not Seal Properly?

When you have a radiator cap that won't seal properly, you've got a major problem on your hands. Not only does this cause your car to overheat, it can also lead to much larger problems down the lin... Read More »