How To Restart a Pontiac G6?

Answer Newer versions of the Pontiac G6 use a passive ignition immobilizer system called PASS-Key III. The system uses radio frequencies to communicate with the key fob you use to start the G6. When you p... Read More »

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How to Restart an SSL?

An SSL, or secured sockets layer, is a series of protocols used to provide secure communications on the Internet for a particular website or web host. If the SSL is under-performing of if there is ... Read More »

How to Restart a Car?

Many of us have had the problem of a dead or depleted battery. However, owners of vehicles with manual transmissions (standard or "stick shift") can start their car even if the battery is dead!

How to Restart a USB Hub?

Universal serial bus hubs are commonly used to connect accessories such as keyboards, mice, music players and webcams into a computer. If the computer won't recognize or respond to devices plugged ... Read More »

How to Restart Dry Bic Pens?

A dried out pen can be a frustrating inconvenience, and Bic pens are no exception. The Bic company is a manufacturer of ball point pens with preloaded ink cartridges. The ball at the tip of the car... Read More »