How To Replace a High Interest Rate Credit Card With a Low Interest Rate Card?

Answer Many consumers sign up for a specific credit card because they were offered an attractive introductory interest rate. The problem with introductory rates is that they eventually increase. Before yo... Read More »

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What is a considered a high credit card interest rate?

Consumer Reports wants to cap credit card interest rates at the prime rate plus ten percent. Anything above that is considered high. With the prime rate at 3.25 for the week of January 10, 2010, a... Read More »

Is credit card interest tied to the prime interest rate?

According to the Federal Reserve, some variable-rate credit cards base their interest rate on the prime interest rate. However, other rates can also be used, such as the Treasury bill rate.Source:F... Read More »

How to Get a Low Interest Rate Credit Card?

In general, a credit card interest rate qualifies as “low” if it’s below 15, with the lowest being under 10 percent. Credit card interest can add up quickly, so if you’re carrying a balance... Read More »

How do I ask for a lower interest rate on my credit card? reports that in 2009, consumers paid 13.9 percent of their disposable income to service credit card debt. Consumers are now exploring ways to get the most out of the income they do r... Read More »