How To Remove a Subaru Outback Driveshaft?

Answer You may need to service the driveshaft on your Subaru Outback if the universal joints (U-joints) at the end and center of the shaft wear out or the shaft itself needs to be replaced. Even if you ar... Read More »

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How to Remove Subaru Outback Rocker Panels?

The rocker panels on the Subaru Legacy Outback are the plastic trim panels under the doors. They mainly serve as a way to hide the frame for looks. Their low position on the car means they can get ... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Parking Brake on a Subaru Outback?

Replacing the rear parking brake on your Subaru Outback can be tricky. The mounting positions of the different springs and other hardware can be confusing. One good strategy is to disassemble one r... Read More »

How to Remove the Intake Manifold in a 1998 Subaru Outback?

The intake manifold routes air and fuel to the engine cylinder heads. Another important function of the intake manifold is to initiate the process of mixing air and fuel for combustion. The intake ... Read More »

How to Remove a 2001 Subaru Outback Fuel Filter?

The Outback name has been a part of Subaru’s lineup since 1994, but it was not until the 2000 model year that it became its own model. From 1994 through 1999, the Outback was a trim level of the ... Read More »