How To Make Movement Into Electricity?

Answer Magnetic fields are produced by moving charges. A changing magnetic field through a loop of wire will induce a current in the wire. This basic principle underlies electric generators, power plants ... Read More »

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How Could I make Home-made Wind Power to make Electricity?

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How to Make Your Own Electricity?

As a part of 'Energy Independence', generating electricity is the easiest and most flexible thing you can do. One of the easiest ways to generate electricity is to make your own solar panels (For u... Read More »

How much oil is used to make electricity in the u.s.?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the U.S. used 88,347,000 barrels of petroleum to generate electricity in 2007--roughly equivalent to 536 trillion British Thermal Units. Ov... Read More »

Can photosynthesis make electricity?

Photosynthesis can be used to generate electricity. In a study by researchers at Stanford University, published in Nano Letters (April 2010), electrons that are excited in the process of photosynth... Read More »