How To Make A Myflash.Com Layout?

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The layout of a web page depends on the tags used, not on the layout of the source file. RIght?

Is the casino layout at Bally's Las Vegas the same layout as MGM Grand?

The layout for Bally's Las Vegas is the same as it was when it was the MGM Grand. The MGM Grand was rebuilt after a fire in 1980 and later sold and renamed Bally's Las Vegas.References:Clark County... Read More »

New facebook layout; how do you view all friends like one could in the old layout?

I had the same concern. I was really hoping that feature wasn't gone. I found out two ways to get to the friends list.1. Go to you profile page and scroll down to where your friends are shown (le... Read More »

How to Make a DIV Layout?

The division (DIV) tag provides Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) developers with containers that set the layout for a website template. Using DIV tags to create a template is called "table-less CS... Read More »