How To Install a 1994 Mustang Distributor?

Answer The distributor on your 1994 Ford Mustang is responsible for firing electricity to your spark plugs and delivering this charge to the cylinders to help start your engine. This current travels from ... Read More »

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How to Install a Distributor Cap Rotor on a 5.7 1994 GM?

The rotor within your distributor cap uses the current that it receives from the ignition coil to power each of the engine's spark plugs. As the rotor ages, the metal contact on the tip of it build... Read More »

How to Install a 1994 Mustang Gauge?

Installing new gauges is an effective and relatively simple way to drastically overhaul the look of your 1994 Mustang's dashboard. New gauges can provide larger and easier to read numbers, a high c... Read More »

How to Install Rear Brake Pads in a 1994 Mustang GT?

The 1994 Mustang GT has disc brakes on all wheels for maximum braking performance, as well as added safety. Changing these brake pads when they become worn is important for maintaining this level o... Read More »

How to Put in a Mustang Distributor?

A distributor transfers electrical current from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in a timed sequence. The electrical charge then helps the engine complete the combustion process by igniting the... Read More »