How To Install Seat Belts?

Answer Using seat belts can save your life and can save you and your community money. The safety factor is obvious, but not everyone is aware that taxpayers bear 85 percent of the cost (medical care, emer... Read More »

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Do children have to wear seat belts in classic car that did not have factory seat belts?

How to Install Seat Belts in a Vintage Auto?

Seat belts have saved countless lives and prevented numerous injuries since their introduction. Many older vehicles, though, come without seat belts or lap belts at all. This is one of many factors... Read More »

How to Drill Through Carpeting to Install Seat Belts?

The flutes that run up a drill bit direct metal shavings from a drilled hole. At the tip of each flute, sits a sharp point that can cause severe damage to automotive carpeting when drilling holes f... Read More »

How to Install Seat Belts on an Antique Auto?

Owners of antique automobiles probably believe they can live without the modern conveniences of today's cars. That may usually be true, but when it comes to seat belts, living without them in the e... Read More »