How To Install An Aftermarket Head Unit In A Saab?

Answer When the factory head unit in your Saab fails, it's time to install a new unit. The head unit drives the factory speakers. Since the factory unit contains an internal amplifier, make sure your new ... Read More »

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How to Install an Aftermarket Head Unit?

Vehicle owners may find the need to replace a malfunctioning car stereo unit or choose to upgrade their stereo sound system with an aftermarket head unit. Choose the stereo that fits your stereo ne... Read More »

How to Install an Aftermarket JBL Amp to a Factory Head Unit in an 06 Pontiac Grand Prix?

An amplifier can be used to increase the power supplied to the speakers and subwoofer in your vehicle. An amplifier can be installed in tandem with a new head unit, or it can be used with your fact... Read More »

How Do I Add an Aftermarket Head Unit to a Factory Honda Pilot RES?

The Honda Pilot rear entertainment system (RES) comes in handy when taking long trips with young passengers. The video components of the system may function properly while the stereo portion is in ... Read More »

Toyota Matrix Aftermarket Head Unit Installation?

The Toyota Matrix comes with an AM/FM stereo with built-in CD player. Matrix owners who decide to upgrade their factory stereo deck or replace the stock unit can choose from a host of aftermarket h... Read More »