How To Get Iron Out of Hair?

Answer If your home uses well water or has hard water, iron deposits can build up in your hair. These iron deposits typically cause hair to become limp, frizzy and dull. Also, for people with fair hair, i... Read More »

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I keep smelling something like a super hot hair iron or burning hair?

Check the circuit breaker panel, also the switch that operates the lights that are flickering. If it feels hot then shut off circuit breakers until those lights go off and call a electrician. Could... Read More »

How to Curl Your Hair With a Curling Iron & Hair Product?

Curling hair has been a beauty treatment for women since ancient Egyptian times. Adding body and style, a woman with naturally straight hair can change her look every day with a curling iron and ha... Read More »

How to Use a Hair Iron?

Hair irons come in many forms for both curling and straightening the hair. Curling iron wand size differs depending on your desired result--loose or tight curls. The wand of the hair irons are al... Read More »

How To Hot Iron Hair?

Hot irons can help you create a lot of different styles, but many people are unsure how to use these hair tools. There is no need to visit your stylist every time you want a straight hair look. Hot... Read More »