How To Disconnect the Fuel Rails on a 1993 Mustang GT?

Answer The fuel lines in a 1993 Mustang GT are attached to the fuel rail on top of the injectors by a special spring lock to provide a leak-free seal that can withstand the high-pressure fuel supplied by ... Read More »

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What Is the Fuel Pressure for a 1993 Mustang?

The 1993 Ford Mustang sports coupe featured a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine and a more powerful 5.0-liter, eight-cylinder engine. You should periodically check the fuel pressure of your Mustang t... Read More »

How to Install Fuel Injectors on a 1993 Mustang GT?

The Ford Mustang is an American muscle car which has been in continuous production since 1964. The 1993 Mustang GT was the last year of the third generation Mustangs which began production in 1979.... Read More »

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1993 Mustang?

The fuel pump relay on a 1993 Ford Mustang is located underneath the hood mounted to the fenderwall. Look on the passenger's side of the vehicle near the front side strut tower.References:autozone.... Read More »

How to Purchase Fuel Filters and a Fuel Line Disconnect Tool?

Fuel filters are a necessary part of any vehicle owner's maintenance plan. If you plan to replace them yourself, odds are, you'll need to purchase the filters along with a fuel line disconnect tool... Read More »