How To Compare CD Interest Rates?

Answer Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are savings accounts that have a fixed interest and date when the principal, or starting amount, and accrued interest, can be withdrawn. CDs are considered very saf... Read More »

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How do i compare interest rates on saving accounts?

Compare interest rates on savings accounts by calling around to local lenders for interest rate quotes. However, ask for more details than simply the interest rate. Other factors are highly importa... Read More »

How to Compare Credit Card Interest Rates With a Calculator?

There are literally hundreds of credit cards available for personal and business use, all of which carry their own particular interest rate. The interest rate is the amount you pay on top of every ... Read More »

How do I compare credit union savings account interest rates?

Annual YieldLearn and note the annual percentage yield for each account you consider. This information will be on the information sheet for each account. Confirm that this is a standard rate, not m... Read More »

Why does the Fed cut interest rates?

The Federal Reserve System--the "Fed," for short--uses interest rate reductions to stimulate economic activity. The Fed's influence over interest rates is one of its most powerful tools.The FedThe ... Read More »