How To Clean Ram (contacts) any idea plz tell me?

Answer Alcohol on a kitchen towelette. The alcohol will evaporate without any residue, and it should take care of any corrosion on the contacts.

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Do you think contacts for a 13 year old is a good idea?

There is no minimum age for contacts. Children should be allowed to wear contacts when they have the maturity to take care of them. If your daughter wants contacts for sports, the best option are... Read More »

How do I clean disposable contacts?

Clean the LensWash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, dry your hands, and then remove the contact lens from your eye. Put the lens into the palm of your hand, pour a little lens rinsing sol... Read More »

How to Clean Gas-Permeable Contacts?

Gas-permeable contacts are vision-correcting lenses designed so that oxygen passes through them to keep eyes healthier. These lenses are more durable than traditional soft contacts, and keep their ... Read More »

Can I use equate to clean my contacts?

It is a multi purpose solution, so yes, it cleans, disinfects, and is for storage also. Yes, of course you can put it in your eyes, your lenses soak in it.Yes, you can use it on any contacts. You m... Read More »