How To Change the Oil Pan in Dodge Raider?

Answer The oil pan in your Dodge Raider is responsible for holding the oil that lubricates your engine components. In the bottom of your oil pan is the crankshaft. This dips down into the oil pan and pull... Read More »

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How to Lift a Dodge Raider?

Lifting a sport utility vehicle or truck allows for increased road clearance and also the fitting of oversized wheels and tires. Both of these performance gains can make a massive difference in inc... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Yamaha Raider?

Your Yamaha Raider is a motorcycle with a 113 cubic-inch engine with twin bore electronic fuel injection. The Yamaha Raider is a durable motorcycle, but it does require maintenance, including regul... Read More »

Roadliner Vs. Raider?

The Roadliner and the Raider are both motorcycles manufactured by Star Motorcycles, a subsidiary brand of Yamaha. In 2010, the Star Raider was developed through to a 2011 model, while the Roadliner... Read More »

Suzuki Raider 150 Specs?

The Suzuki Raider 150 is known as an underbone, which is a type of small motorcycle built upon a chassis consisting of one large aluminum tube. Due to a low price, ease of handling and light weight... Read More »