How To Change the Document Template Format for MS Word?

Answer Any MS Word template may be modified to the user's specifications. A common use of modifying a template would be to include a company's name on a business letter template. Other examples of modifyi... Read More »

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How do I change a Word document to a TXT format?

Prepare the DocumentOpen a new or existing Word document. Word files typically end with the .doc or .docx extension. Scan the document for formatting that the TXT file format does not support, such... Read More »

How to Change the Format of a Word Document?

Word documents can be opened and edited inside of the Microsoft Word program or an open-source word processing program. Changing the format of a Word document may be necessary if you are sending th... Read More »

How to Change a Word Document to JPEG Format?

This is a very simple way to convert a Word document into a JPEG format (picture). Doing this will allow you to use the document as a desktop wallpaper, which you can't do otherwise. You can also s... Read More »

How to Load a Normal Document Template in Word?

Any document that you create in Microsoft Word comes from a template. The Normal document template, Normal.dotm, is the default template. To open a document based on Normal.dotm, you simply open ... Read More »