How To Change Oil in a Prius?

Answer The one difference between changing oil in a Toyota Prius and changing it in a conventional gasoline car is that a flap blocks access to the oil tank. The purpose of the flap is to keep the heat in... Read More »

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How to Change the Oil on a 2010 Prius?

The 2010 Prius is a small five-door hatchback automobile manufactured by Toyota, a Japanese company. The propulsion system in the Prius is a combination of a small gasoline-powered engine and an el... Read More »

How to Change the Upholstery on a Prius?

One of the more problematic modifications on the Generation II Toyota Prius is changing the upholstery on the seats. This is because of all the circuitry that's involved in the front seats for the ... Read More »

How to Change a Headlight on a Prius?

Toyota Prius headlights have no official service life, but many things can affect the life of the headlights. Moisture in the housing assembly can cause a headlight to explode. Any dust, dirt or de... Read More »

How Do I Change the Navigation DVD in My Prius?

Your Toyota Prius includes an optional built-in navigation system that works by using the internal Global Positioning System (GPS) signal in combination with a navigation map DVD-ROM to provide tur... Read More »