How To Break Your Wrist or Arm At Home?

Answer Firstly, there is no issue with desiring to experience something one has yet to do. Yes, it will be extraordinarily painful, but I don't believe that gives anyone on this forum a right to forgo at... Read More »

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Whats the easiest way to break your wrist at home?

Firstly, you shouldn't care what other people say, if you want to break your wrist, you do that. You only live once so do everything you want to! :DAnyway, I'm after the same goal and i NEARLY brok... Read More »

How can I break my wrist?

We do not help people harm themselves on Yahoo HEALTH.You need psychiatric help.I can't believe the selfishness of someone causing their parents aggravation (appointments, etc.), expense, and causi... Read More »

Did I break my wrist!!?

This may be different in the UK. Gud Luk, PYou need a Sports Pain Relief cream= and there are lots of them.The one with the best combination of ingredients is BenGay Ultra.Walmart has their ow... Read More »

How to break my wrist NOW!!! help me !!?

Put your hand palm down on the edge of the arm of your chair or sofa or whatever so your wrist is facing away from the chair, then jump and put all your weight forward on your hand, should break it... Read More »