How To Apply Green Eye Makeup?

Answer Green eye makeup isn't just for teens or trendsetting celebrities. If you normally stick to neutral eyeshadows but want to begin adding a little more color to your look, try experimenting with gree... Read More »

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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Green Eyes?

If you have attempted to enhance your green eyes with makeup only to feel that you went overboard on product application, you may have simply chosen the wrong eyeshadow color. While there are no ha... Read More »

How can i make a green screen using a physical object that i cannot apply green too?

You may not have to depending on what you're trying to do. If you won't have any actors or objects moving around directly in front of the billboard, but just want to replace the image on it, then ... Read More »

Green eyes, green dress, pale-ish skin; makeup?

there is great series of tutorial here that you can watch ..…

How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional Makeup Artist?

If you have an important event coming up, you want your makeup to make you look like a movie star. You can arrange to have a proffesional makeup artist get you ready, but that can be costly. Instea... Read More »