How To Allow Customers to Pay Online With a Check?

Answer Though credit card use is popular when it comes to purchasing items and services online, some people prefer to use a check for payment. ACH (automatic clearing house) processing makes it possible t... Read More »

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Telephone companies post rules customers cannot be"verbal" with their reps,why would customers act that way?

80% of the time they are very helpful and maybe 20% they are wonderful actually having rather long conversations with me if I am having a bad day and are almost like friends or counselors lol..seve... Read More »

Can Banks Charge a Fee to Non-Customers to Cash a Check?

Many banks charge check-cashing fees to non-customers who negotiate checks drawn on the bank. Neither federal nor state laws require banks to cash checks for non-customers, and many banks assess th... Read More »

How do I Pay Con Ed Bill Online With My Check for Free?

Paying your Con Ed bill online and for free is a way to save time, money and eliminate the environmental impact of sending checks through the mail. As Con Ed points out, "According to a recent stu... Read More »

How do i write a check online with a credit card?

Obtain a cash advance or balance transfer check for the credit card to be charged. Balance transfer checks are paper checks that are typically sent when a credit card account is opened. If you do... Read More »