How Thick Is Slate Tile?

Answer Traditional slate tile is created by splitting slate stone along its grain. Unlike some stones, which are monolithic, slate has a very pronounced grain that allows it to be split to very thin sheet... Read More »

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How do I lay slate tile?

SubfloorLay 1/2-inch thick plywood over your existing wood subfloor. Anchor the plywood with screws placed every 8 inches. Coat the plywood with a water-based urethane finish, and allow it to dry o... Read More »

How do I cut slate tile out of a floor?

PreparationOpen the windows to ventilate the area. Remove everything from the floor, and cover everything else. Wear safety goggles, work gloves and a face mask.CuttingUse a 4-inch grinder saw with... Read More »

Can you install slate tile outside?

Slate tile is durable enough to be used outside, like any other stone tile. However, some varieties of slate are softer than others, and not all slate tiles are strong enough for floors and patios.... Read More »

How to Finish Slate Tile?

Slate is a hard stone that when used for tiling creates a durable, long-lasting surface. Slate is also a porous tile and stains easily because it absorbs moisture beneath its surface. This easily s... Read More »