How Tall Will a Yellowtop Plant Get?

Answer Also known as narrowleaf yellowtop or yellowtop flaveria, yellowtop (Flaveria linearis) is a perennial wildflower characterized by narrow, olive green leaves and bright yellow flowers. The plant re... Read More »

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A plant was 7 feet tall. one year later the tree was 11 feet tall.?

Are you joking?A first-grader could solve this.11f - 7f = 4 f, so the tree grew 4 feet that year.

The plant was 7 feet tall. one year later the tree was 11 feet tall. write an equation using f for feet to d?

no, this is home and garden , not mathematics

How tall a pot does a patio pepper plant have to have?

The pot should be about double the size of the plant and if the roots are long then you can put the plant in a deeper pot or you can trim the roots. Repot when the plant begins to outgrow the pot ... Read More »

How do I plant tall bearded iris?

Select a SitePlant bearded iris in July through September to allow the plant to establish before the winter comes. Plant potted bearded iris plants in the spring as well, as these can be moved insi... Read More »