How Soon Do Male Deer Grow Antlers?

Answer Bucks of all ages receive new antlers after shedding the old each year. Antlers grow from pedicels, which are small bumps that are covered with hair at the front of the head. Does t... Read More »

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Why do male deer have antlers?

Antlers are bone appendages that branch from the heads of all male deer except caribou and Chinese water deer. They are impressive in size and scale and play an evolutionary role, ensuring that the... Read More »

Do male deer shed their antlers?

The males of four North American species in the deer family shed their antlers every year. Whitetail deer, mule deer, elk and moose grow a new set of antlers every spring and summer. Caribou are th... Read More »

What Species of Deer Has Antlers on Both Male & Female?

Although there are several species of deer, only the reindeer and caribou are species where both males and females have antlers. Caribou males and reindeer males start growing their antlers in Febr... Read More »

What makes deer antlers grow?

Deer antlers are unlike anything else in the animal kingdom. Scientists have long studied these appendages and have solved many puzzles about antler growth.The Catalyst of Antler GrowthTestosterone... Read More »