How Soil Is Important to Plants & Animals?

Answer Less than 30 percent of Earth's surface is exposed land, and only 10 percent is arable, according to the Central Intelligent Agency's "World Fact Book." Arable land supports soil, the medium that, ... Read More »

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Why are animals&plants important in the ecosystem?

According to, an ecosystem is "a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment." Plants and animals mutually benefit one another and help mainta... Read More »

Do plants grow best in organic soil or fertilized soil?

On One Hand: The Benefits of Commercial FertilizersWhen we want to give a few nutrients to our plants, commercial fertilizers often come to mind. Commercial fertilizers give an instant and powerful... Read More »

Do rats dig holes in soil What other small animals dig holes in soil?

Rats do it and its not the little ones, its the ones that look like big freakin cats! When the garbage man comes ask him for some poison and put it in the holes. Watch your car too, they chew on th... Read More »

Why is fertile soil important?