How Should the Flapper Be Installed in the Bathroom Fan?

Answer According to Tim Carter of Ask the Builder, the factory vent flaps on most bathrooms fans do not create a tight enough seal. This allows hot and cold air to leak through, raising your heating and c... Read More »

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Should a skylight be installed before a new roof is installed?

Put in a skylight before installing a new roof. Installing a skylight after putting a new roof on a home can result in construction waste, additional work and leaks around the skylight.Source:Skyli... Read More »

Every time I flush my toilet it flushes 3 times before the flapper will seat why is this and can it be corrected I have adjusted the chain from the handle to the flapper to all different lengths?

You may need a new flapper. Go easy on the chlorine whitener in the tank.

How much should a toilet empty before the flapper goes down?

The toilet tank holds a proper amount of water so that when the handle is depressed and the flapper rises, a large enough volume of water quickly empties into the bowl to create a full flush. There... Read More »

Overpriced Contractor-vey: I need an estimate, i have a 7x5 bathroom that needs ceramic tile floors installed?

there are web sites designed to give rough estimates of the work you're having done. pretend you're a contractor and find one. you can even select types of tile being installed and whatnot. lo... Read More »