How Should an Exchange Relationship Marketing Strategy Work?

Answer The term "exchange relationship" refers to a professional relationship between a business and its customer base built on mutual benefit and trust. The exchange in question is that of purchased serv... Read More »

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What is a marketing mix strategy?

The marketing mix strategy centers around how a company deals with the four "P's." The four "P's" are the product, price, placement and promotion. The strategy will change based on the firm's need... Read More »

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy?

Business owners with a product or service to sell must have a plan on the methods they will use to achieve that end. In doing so, developing a plan to market that good or service is an essential go... Read More »

What Is Niche Marketing Strategy?

Niche marketing is a business strategy that targets small, well-defined segments of the population rather than the population as a whole. The philosophy is that while your business can't be all thi... Read More »

What is marketing communications strategy?

Marketing communications strategy is the plan of how to best use resources to promote a company's products or services. Marketing communications strategy determines what type of communication vehic... Read More »