How Should You Feel After A Shower?

Answer I always feel like a trillion dollars! :)I love the smell of the cleansing products use. Right before I get out of the shower I turn the water to the coldest setting I can handle and have that has... Read More »

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My hamster feel bad after i gave her a shower?

this often happens, it is due to overheating, it soon wears off

Why do you I always feel like I'm gonna pass out after I get out of the shower ?

It's probably TOO warm! I get that all the time, and then I have to go lay down just in my towel because I feel faint lolOr you could be dehydrated, too hot, slightly anemic... Or if you're too col... Read More »

Is it just me or dose anyone else feel fatigue after a hot shower.?

I sometimes do too.But I've found that it's because I had the water too hot. I don't know if this is your problem, but take it into consideration and try to lower the temperature of the water.I hop... Read More »

How Long Should You Wait to Shower After Indoor Tanning?

Camping parties can be a great way to allow your child to have a lot of fun while exploring nature or, if you live in a city, learning about the natural world beyond her immediate surroundings. A t... Read More »