How Should I Adjust the Air Pressure for Larger Tire Sizes?

Answer When you put a larger size tire on your vehicle you might need to change the air pressure. The decision to change the air pressure will depend on a few factors. If you have a truck and you have cha... Read More »

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How to Adjust Air Pressure for Tire Performance?

Air pressure is essential to optimal tire performance. Over and under inflated tires do not perform within their designed specifications. Over inflated tires can cause reduced vehicle maneuverabili... Read More »

What should my tire pressure be?

On One Hand: 32 to 35 Pounds Per Square InchMost passenger cars should have tires inflated to between 32 and 35 psi. The pressure should be checked and adjusted while the tires are cold because hea... Read More »

What should the tire pressure be on a GM SUV?

The recommended tire pressure for a General Motors SUV is 35 pounds of pressure per square inch, or 35 psi as read on a tire gauge.Source:Clifford Martin's Unofficial GM SUV Information Site

How Much Air Pressure Should Be in a Tire?

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