How Should Headlights Be Positioned?

Answer Headlight adjustment is one of those little maintenance procedures that takes only a few minutes to perform, but can make a huge difference in the driving experience. Headlights can and do go out o... Read More »

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Where does the AR1 get positioned in a soccer game?

The AR1 is the assistant referee or linesman in a soccer game. He is positioned on the sideline and patrols one half of the field. His responsibilities include calling offside, determining out of b... Read More »

Where should taps be positioned on tap shoes?

Taps are placed on the front of the shoe and on the heel of the shoe. The front tap follows the contour of the toe of the shoe. The heel tap follows the contour of the heel on the shoe.Source:Globa... Read More »

In whichside our heart is positioned in chest?

Where is the electric organ positioned in ordinary ray fish?

Ordinary ray fish don't have electric organs. The Pacific electric ray has kidney-shaped electric organs that are positioned on either side of the ray's head. When provoked, an electric charge is r... Read More »