How Safe Is Lye Soap?

Answer Lye soap, made from fat drippings and lye, was the pioneer woman's all-purpose cleaner. Early settlers used the soap to scrub everything from ceiling to floor. It was very effective. However, lye s... Read More »

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Is soap safe to use on open cuts?

Its safe it the cut is not too deep or long. If your unsure, run your hands under the (warm) water first, put on some soap that does not have a mint flavor. Slowly rub a tiny bit of soap on part of... Read More »

Is it Safe to Use Glycerin Soap As Shampoo?

Glycerin soap is a very gentle and moisturizing cleanser and can definitely be used as shampoo. Soap containing glycerin is an ideal all-over body cleanser. Does this Spark an idea?

Is dish soap a safe insecticide for the lawn?

On One Hand: Benefits of Dish Soap InsecticideUsing dish soap as an insecticide on your lawn gets rid of pests and can even increase water penetration. When a lawn has become hydrophobic, unable to... Read More »

Is it safe to wash dishes with hand soap?

On One Hand: Washing Dishes with Hand Soap Is SafeIt is safe to wash dishes with hand soap. Many people have done this without ill effect, and in theory, any soap or detergent will work except dis... Read More »