How Safe Are Your Children when Surfing The Internet?

Answer Better to select good sites suits for our children and save it in the Favorites. So that you can ask them to go and just open only those sites.Selected sites can be already saved to the kids, so th... Read More »

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How to Stay Safe While Surfing the Internet?

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How do I keep the login keychain from popping up when I'm surfing the internet?

Why tata docomo internet is not working properly in lucknow disconnect every time when i am surfing net?

Docomo has a small bandwidth in comparison to others networks and that is reason behind the low network of Docomo. In rural areas this problem is common in every city, I too had faced this problem ... Read More »

When your children ask how you chose their name, will you honestly say strangers on the internet picked it?

This is the best question I have ever seen on YA.Congratulations.And I could not agree more with your statement.Also, the majority of people who ask about names, are looking for validation of the m... Read More »