How Reality TV Has Developed?

Answer Reality TV has become a genre of its own, blurring the line between documentary, game show and social experiment. The origins of reality TV date back to 1948, with developments and sub-genres emerg... Read More »

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Do reality shows show any reality at all?

Yes some do that's actually funny for a person to ask that i watch many many reality shows and yes they are true some. some are true.

Do reality shows have reality?

Most do, yes. But all are manipulated to create a more dramatic presentation for viewers. Every resulting episode needs multiple stories. The same principles of storytelling you learned (or should ... Read More »

What is the hills is it really a reality tv show or a show based on a reality tv show?

The Hills, Is not a reality show, it is reality in the way that, they are filming in real locations in public places and so on, but multiple takes are done and it is somewhat scripted, hence it not... Read More »

How to Get Away from Reality?

Well, there is a way to get away from reality. This especially works if you are alone, depressed, or have a high amount of stress.