How Popcorn Storage Affects Popping?

Answer Perfectly-cooked popcorn kernels are light and fluffy. Properly storing uncooked popcorn improves the chance of all the kernels fully bursting by maintaining adequate moisture levels. ... Read More »

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Is popping popcorn a chemical change?

Popping popcorn creates a physical, rather than a chemical, change, according to Cornell University. The phenomenon occurs when water inside the kernel expands because of heat, popping the outer sh... Read More »

Can shortening be substituted for oil in popping popcorn?

Yes, vegetable oil and vegetable shortening are both acceptable for popping corn because of their high smoke point. Melt the shortening in the pan over high heat before adding the corn.References:I... Read More »

What is the average time for a bag of popcorn to get done popping?

The average time for a bag of popcorn to get done popping is between one and three minutes, depending on the wattage of the microwave. Generally, you should take the bag of popcorn out when there a... Read More »

About the Effect of Moisture on the Popping of Popcorn Kernels?

Freshly popped popcorn is a treat, but if there's too much moisture inside the kernels, the popcorn turns out tough and chewy. Too little moisture, and not enough pressure can build up inside the k... Read More »