How Panasonic 600hz refresh rate works?

Answer Panasonic subdivides their plasma display panels into 10 sub-fields. Each sub-field is refreshed at a 60 Hz rate. 10 sub-fields refreshed at 60 Hz (10 x 60 = 600) produces a 600 Hz sub-field drive ... Read More »

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Which is better for your eyes a monitor that supports a 75 hz refresh rate or a 60 hz refresh rate?

For a CRT, I find 75 hz much better, particularly when under florescent lighting. Since the lights run at 120 hz, the monitor can get into a 'synch' with the lights which creates moire patterns on ... Read More »

Panasonic 50" Class Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV, TC-P50X5....Is this a good TV for movies and games. Need opinions?

Steven is right. At this size you want 1080p. The 600hz is great for gaming, sports and fast action movies. The response ratio is great. You get no blur and no lag. The colors are vivid and the pic... Read More »

How to change refresh rate.?

What? Ok let's start with what a refresh rate is.It is the number of times your screen refreshes or throw an image up on the screen. This is different from a frame rate as your screen can refresh m... Read More »

What is the refresh rate of the human eye?

The human eye has no refresh rate. It doesn't see images in frames per second. It sees continuously. The human eye constantly takes in information with no cap. However, at 24 frames per second, the... Read More »