How Old Do You Have to Be to Enter a Legal Contract in Spain?

Answer The age of majority is the age that any person can enter into a legal contract. In Spain, the age of majority is 18, like most countries in the European Union.References:TuSpain: Free Legal Advice... Read More »

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How old do you have to be to enter into a legal contract in China?

In China, the minimum age to sign a contract is normally 18 years of age. China law does, however, have provisions that allow people under 18 years of age to sign contracts in certain cases.Referen... Read More »

When does a consumer enter into a contract with a restaurant?

Any time a consumer makes an expressed offer of intent to purchase the goods and services of a restaurant, a contract comes into being. In the restaurant business, this happens when a customer orde... Read More »

Can a minor enter into a contract if his or her business is involved?

No. While there is nothing preventing a minor from owning a business, he cannot enter into a contract. The minor's parent or legal guardian can sign any contractual agreements related to the busine... Read More »

Can minors in Indiana enter into a contract for car& life insurance?

According to Law Library, a minor may enter into a contract. However, if the minor is not of consenting age, the contract is voidable. Subsequently, the legal age of consent in Indiana to enter int... Read More »