How Old Can a Credit Report Be When You Fund an FHA Loan?

Answer The Federal Housing Administration assures a lender that an FHA-funded loan will be repaid in full if a buyer defaults on his mortgage payments. As a result, the administration wants to ensure that... Read More »

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How Can I Report a Loan to the Credit Bureau?

Small businesses often want to report customer payment history to the national credit reporting bureaus, but this service can cost thousands of dollars a month. Individuals and small businesses can... Read More »

Can I pull a credit report for a pre-qualification loan?

On One Hand: Obtaining a Credit ReportGetting a copy of your credit report is a good idea if you plan on seeking pre-qualification for a loan, especially a mortgage or an auto loan. Reviewing your ... Read More »

How to Remove a Charged-Off Student Loan on a Credit Report?

A charge off occurs when a creditor decides your account is too far in default without payment and closes your ability to get further credit from them. You are still responsible for paying the full... Read More »

Does a 401k loan show up on a credit report?

A 401k loan does not show up on your credit report. The loan does not affect your credit score, but lenders may ask if you have one because it can affect your debt-to-income ratios.Source:MSN Money... Read More »