How Often Should a Car Transmission Be Flushed?

Answer Since the 1950s, automotive enthusiasts have known the benefit of draining transmission fluid and and flushing out grime from time to time. How often you should flush transmission fluid depends on ... Read More »

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How to Get the Transmission Fluid Flushed With an Oil Change?

Flushing the transmission is just as important as changing your engine oil. While the transmission fluid lasts far longer (roughly 10 times as long as a matter of fact), than engine oil, driving wi... Read More »

Should a toilet be flushed after every use?

I think you should pee on him if he won't let you use his toilet.

I have flushed a rat down the toilet!!!?

A rat would only have to "swim" a few inches through the toilet's P-trap, the sewer line itself only has a bit of water along the bottom of it. My source is a cross section of a modern low-flow toi... Read More »

What is a wooden flushed door?

A wood flush door is a type of door that was originally crafted from wood-block cores, strips and blocks in the 1900s. Stiles, rails and plywood were later added so that the doors were more durable... Read More »