How Often Should You Perm Relaxed Hair?

Answer Chemically processing hair requires the breakdown and restructuring of the hair into a state different than its natural one. Relaxers permanently straighten the hair using chemicals. Perms (short f... Read More »

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How Often Should Hair Be Relaxed?

Hair relaxers straighten curly hair. Relaxer types vary depending on the chemical base of the relaxer, processing (application) time and procedure. How often you can relax your hair is dependant on... Read More »

How Often Should You Perm Your Hair?

A perm, or permanent wave, is a way to chemically alter the structure of your hair so that the hair changes its shape and morphs from straight to curly. Because the change is semi-permanent, it las... Read More »

How Often Should a Black Person Perm Their Hair?

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Can I perm relaxed hair?

On One Hand: You Can Unrelax Your HairYou can perm previously relaxed hair and make it curly again. You will need to break the hair's complex disulfide bonds and reshape them again, just as you did... Read More »