How Often Should You Change Rear Brakes?

Answer All too often, we hear about vehicle accidents due to brake failure, where the driver ran into another vehicle or a person, or even off the side of the road. To help avoid such a situation, it's es... Read More »

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How often should I change the brakes in my car?

On One Hand: Dealer and Manufacturer.Each make and model of car wears down brake pads at a different time schedule, so a local dealer of your specific car should have an estimate of how often you n... Read More »

How often should I change my car brakes?

There is no doubt that safety is a top concern with your vehicle. Not only are the brakes a standard feature that stop your car from moving, they completely sacrifice safety when they fail or get w... Read More »

How often should you change drum brakes?

There is no set time schedule for replacing drum brakes. Drum brakes need to be replaced whenever they are worn to particular safety metrics established for them, or if they cease to work properly.... Read More »

How often should I change the rear differential oil on an SUV?

According to, the rear differential oil should be changed as recommended by your SUV manufacture. You may need to call your dealer as the suggested change is not always listed in t... Read More »