How Often Should I Wax a Car That Sits Outside?

Answer Car wax can be just the thing needed to brighten your vehicle's dingy appearance. When applied to your car's exterior, wax serves as a sealant, protecting the paint from environmental factors, such... Read More »

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How often should you water outside plants?

Outside plants should be watered whenever the soil starts to dry out. This might be monthly or even daily depending on the weather. Daily watering is needed during hot, dry days in the summer. Wint... Read More »

To people that often suggest that a child should be removed from a home because of weight/smoking etc..?

Good point. I only believe children should be removed from the home when the sad life of being in foster care really does outweigh the life they have with the parents. If a child is being abused me... Read More »

How to Replace the Box That an Air Handler Sits On?

The box that your air handler sits on is called a plenum, and houses or protects vital components of the air conditioning system, including the air blower or evaporator coil. Over time, portions of... Read More »

How often should I turn indoor plants that are bending towards the sun?

If you have the time, do it daily. Otherwise a weekly turn will normally be fine.