How Often Should I Wax My Eyebrows?

Answer When done correctly, waxing your eyebrows can prove more effective than manual plucking or shaving. In fact, eyebrow waxing is quite often the preferred eyebrow-shaping and hair removal method beca... Read More »

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Should I pencil my eyebrows?

Fill them. Just be sure to use an appropriately colored pencil (ideally it would be 2-3 shades lighter than your natural brow color). And please don't over-do it. You want to fill gaps and enhance ... Read More »

Should I get thinner eyebrows (pix)?

You are so pretty it's ridiculous, and maybe you can thin them out just a smidge not a lot though because they look good on you!

Should I shave off my eyebrows?

I strongly suggest plucking them with tweezers or getting them professionally waxed. The 'no eyebrow' only works for Mona Lisa.

Should I cut my hair to cover my eyebrows?

Perhaps, But I hope this is of some helpCovering Eye Brows (2 ways!)…HOW TO COVER YOUR EYEBROWS|VERY EASY!…