How Often Should Black Women Wash Their Hair?

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How often should african american women wash their hair?

I wash mine every week. I use to do it every two weeks but I would get a lot of hair breakage because of that. Now that I wash my hair once a week I never have dandruff and my hair breakage has sub... Read More »

How often do black people wash their hair?

Depends on the person.African American women with relaxed hair wash about once a week. They wash less if they are wearing braids or weaves. In general, if is it washed more than that, the hair can ... Read More »

The Best Hair Care Products for Black Women With Natural Hair?

Natural hair has its own original texture which has not been chemically altered. Black women have highly textured hair that ranges from tight coils to loose curls. Tightly coiled and curly hair i... Read More »

If I dye my hair black, will it turn gray when the color begins to wash out?

When you dye your hair darker it adds protien to your hair, where as if you lighten your hair it would strips some proteins from your hair. Going darker is going to make your hair seem full of lus... Read More »